The Daisy Awards are back!

Drawing inspiration from Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe’s Arthur Awards, we are looking to EFAO members to contribute their nominations to the Daisy Awards! Nominate someone who made your season better – the award can be for anything: a good deed, a helping hand, inspiration from afar. It’s up to you to nominate and come up with the award title.

The awards can be funny or serious, sentimental or light-hearted. They can be anonymously recognized or you can attach your name to the message. Best market smile? Fastest beet harvester? Most creative market display? Valued Mentor? You decide! Let’s give credit to the people and the deeds that are not often acknowledged, and in doing so, celebrate the incredible ecological agricultural community we have growing in Ontario.

Previous nominations have included Good Friend & Mentor, Best Question Asker, Small but Mighty Spirit Award, and 20-year Farm Milestone.

The Daisy Awards will be presented during the Wednesday night Conference Banquet Dinner on Dec 5th. Get yours in ASAP!