Theme and Artwork: Rooted & Reaching

This year’s theme – Rooted & Reaching – speaks to farmers’ connection to land and community, even in these uncertain times, while also recognizing the need and desire to reach further for a more ecological, healthy and just agriculture and food system in Ontario.

About the Artist:

Laura Savoy Boyle, High Spirits Farm

Since 1987, Laura has developed her work in a variety of subjects and media including illustration, watercolour, acrylic, pencil, and wood sculpture.  Moving with her husband and animals to a small farm 16 years ago inspired Laura to explore aspects of the farming community through her art. ‘The history, hardship and reconnection to the land have been an interesting journey.’  

Laura continues her passion for history and farming in growing heritage vegetables and fruit for a CSA program and in 2021, Laura will release a new series of paintings and artwork featuring heritage farms and old farmhouses entitled “Field of Dreams.”

About the Artwork:

“I created this piece to reflect our current times, our collective care of the planet as farmers, and positive images in healing. The oak tree represents strength and longevity with the colours of the medicine wheel representing healing and coming together of all people. The owl represents wisdom. The soil life and crops represent the importance of nurturing and building soil life that is a crucial component of our task as ecological farmers. Crop cover symbolizes thriving soils. Bees, birds, frogs, and cocoons all represent change. Caring for our water is depicted by the fish and the three sisters’ garden illustrates honouring Indigenous teachings. On the other side of the tree, ruminants large and small and chickens portray projects to regenerate and care for our soils as ecological farmers.”

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Facebook: @HighSpiritsFarm