Sweet Potato Production and Breeding in Ontario

There is an increasing demand for sweet potatoes and ecological growers in Ontario have an opportunity to grow this unique crop to serve local markets. Join us to learn how Heather grows sweet potatoes (from slips to curing tubers!) and hear about new varieties that are being bred for our climate. Dr. Primomo will share […]

Successful Seedling Sales

Growing seedlings for sale to customers requires different plans and considerations compared to growing for a market garden.  Join Sophie from Trout Lily Organic Plant Nursery and Hanna from Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. to learn how they have planned and executed successful seedling production for dedicated sales to the public.

Maximizing Efficiency While Maintaining Quality in Salad Production

Though salad production tends to be labour-intensive, it is possible to scale up and maximize efficiency without compromising on quality. Hear from Brent Preston of the New Farm, and Paula Reynolds of Salad Days Farm, who both sell through diverse channels including restaurants, retail, CSAs and farmers markets. Brent and Paula will discuss their salad production processes, and share […]

Innovation and Community in Urban Agriculture

Join Cheyenne Sundance for an in-depth look at Sundance Harvest, a 1/3 acre year-round, ecological, urban farm rooted in social justice and located in Toronto. In addition to selling produce through an online farm store and in-person farmers market, Sundance Harvest runs a free urban agriculture mentorship program with the goal of nurturing and growing […]

Taming Tillage: Low/No-till Vegetable Lightning Talks

As many farmers move to reduce and eliminate tillage, EFAO is hosting a session for vegetable growers to share successes and challenges from farms throughout Ontario.  Farmers will share their successes, continued challenges, curiosities and plans for future seasons in short, exciting presentations.  

Taming Tillage: Towards No-Till Vegetable Production

As many vegetable farmers move to reduce and eliminate tillage, EFAO is committed to sharing stories, strategies and inspirations of those doing this important work.  In this session, join three farmers who grow vegetables outside of Ontario as they share an overview of their farm, their strategies and processes to reduce tillage on their farms, […]