Seeding Future Harvests: Collaborations between Farmers and Seed Savers

Creating resilient regional food systems requires that growers across Ontario become engaged to build a strong seed system. In this session we will hear about not only the state of our current seed system –  which has been a hot topic during the pandemic – but also about the nuts and bolts of how farmers can become involved in producing seed through collaboration with local seed companies. Are you a seed producer interested in working with others in your region? Are you a market gardener looking to integrate seed production on-farm in a way that works for your unique constraints? Are you a grower whose seed needs are not being met by our current seed system? If so, then this conversation is for you!

Horticulture Seeds
Location: Date: December 2, 2020 Time: 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm Cory Eichmann Petra Page-Mann Aaron Varadi