Community Meeting: Small Grains Meet-up

Are you a long-time small grains grower? Are you adding small grains to your rotation for the first time? EFAO’s first Small Grains Meet-up is the place to meet other farmers and learn about future events focused on small grains production and marketing. EFAO’s Field Crop Program Coordinator will share details on small grains programming […]

Closing Session: Moving Forward

We are in the midst of social and economic upheaval unlike anything that most of us have experienced. But underneath the challenges, there are opportunities to create a brighter future. What this means for EFAO is that we want to look creatively at both our content, as well as our delivery, to ensure that we’re […]

Knowing the Land

As Indigenous leaders and educators, we asked Chandra Maracle and Rick Hill:  if you were given a bunch of open-hearted and open-minded settler farmers to speak to, what would you like to tell them? Challenge them with? Inspire them to reflect and act on? Invite them to learn more about?  Join this session to have […]

Working for Racial Justice in Farming

We cannot talk about ecological farming without talking about racial justice. And yet so often we do. The current global pandemic has highlighted the outsize impact of ecological challenges on racialized communities, especially those working within our struggling food systems. Join us for an inspiring conversation with racialized farmers and farming leaders. We will discuss […]

Distribution that Fits: Finding the Best Distribution Model for Your Farm

Collaborative distribution offers many advantages, compared to taking on distribution and marketing all by yourself. But there is no blueprint solution that works for everyone everywhere… different situations command different strategies and collaboration models.  Join for a discussion on what collaborative distribution model is right for your farm, in your regional context, to lessen your […]

Connecting with Your Neighbours

Farming is deeply personal. Talking about soil health and ecological practices with neighbours who farm differently than you can easily create conflict and defensiveness. Can we connect and communicate better? Guided by theory and grounded in real farm experience, this session will outline a transformative approach to conflict and communication, leaving you with practical tools to connect better […]

Innovation and Community in Urban Agriculture

Join Cheyenne Sundance for an in-depth look at Sundance Harvest, a 1/3 acre year-round, ecological, urban farm rooted in social justice and located in Toronto. In addition to selling produce through an online farm store and in-person farmers market, Sundance Harvest runs a free urban agriculture mentorship program with the goal of nurturing and growing […]

Opening Session: Farmer-led Advocacy for Climate Action

Join for an inspiring look at how farmers and farm organizations are advocating for climate action in agriculture across Canada. NFU Director of Climate Crisis Policy, Darrin Qualman, will provide an overview of the science of climate change and what can be done in terms of mitigation. Karen Ross, Director of Farmers for Climate Solutions, and Gillian Flies […]