BIPOC Farmer Meet-up and Consultation

Are you a racialized ecological farmer? Join fellow Black, Indigenous and other farmers of colour to network and provide feedback to the organization about how EFAO can better meet the needs of farmers and members who are currently underrepresented in the organization and the ecological farming movement at large. This meeting is reserved for BIPOC […]

Community Meeting: EFAO Circle Process

We are a group of farmers who have gathered together since the winter of 2018. We gather in Circle, which is a consciously built, value-informed process that helps us share, reflect and transform how we are with one another that feels different to our normal ways of interacting with each other. Since the formal introduction […]

Community Meeting: Small Grains Meet-up

Are you a long-time small grains grower? Are you adding small grains to your rotation for the first time? EFAO’s first Small Grains Meet-up is the place to meet other farmers and learn about future events focused on small grains production and marketing. EFAO’s Field Crop Program Coordinator will share details on small grains programming […]