Community Meeting: Resilient Seed Systems: A Vegetable Farmer and Seed Grower Consultation

As we look to build resilient food systems, more farmers are working to integrate seed production into their operations, the number of local seed companies is growing, and new networks of seed producers are emerging. Come to this community meeting to talk about how we can support each other in learning how to conserve, improve, and create new high quality Canadian seed. Join EFAO’s Seed Program Manager to discuss the challenges you are having in regards to this work, and share ideas of how to improve our seed work together. 

We encourage all former, existing, and prospective farmer-researchers who have been involved in the Vegetable Seed Producers Network (VSPN), the Canadian Organic Vegetable Improvement Project (CANOVI), or the Participatory Plant Breeding (PPB) program on oats, wheat and potato, to attend this meeting to discuss the challenges and opportunities of participating in these programs.

Organizer: Rebecca Ivanoff (EFAO’s Seed Program Manager)

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Location: Date: December 3, 2020 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm