Holistic Management: An Overview

This session will provide an introduction to the key principles and practices of Holistic Management and how they can help practitioners achieve a triple bottom line on their farms and in their lives.  It will draw on the McQuail’s 25 years of experience using Holistic Management on their farm and with their family.  Holistic Management […]

Connecting with Your Neighbours

Farming is deeply personal. Talking about soil health and ecological practices with neighbours who farm differently than you can easily create conflict and defensiveness. Can we connect and communicate better? Guided by theory and grounded in real farm experience, this session will outline a transformative approach to conflict and communication, leaving you with practical tools to connect better […]

Soil Organic Matters: A New Paradigm for SOM Formation

Our understanding of soil organic matter (SOM) formation has changed dramatically over the last few years, resulting in a paradigm shift in how farmers can apply the mechanisms of organic matter formation for greater soil health and carbon storage. Sarah will summarize cutting edge science to discuss the physical, biological and chemical role of soil […]

Taming Tillage: Low/No-till Vegetable Lightning Talks

As many farmers move to reduce and eliminate tillage, EFAO is hosting a session for vegetable growers to share successes and challenges from farms throughout Ontario.  Farmers will share their successes, continued challenges, curiosities and plans for future seasons in short, exciting presentations.  

Taming Tillage: Towards No-Till Vegetable Production

As many vegetable farmers move to reduce and eliminate tillage, EFAO is committed to sharing stories, strategies and inspirations of those doing this important work.  In this session, join three farmers who grow vegetables outside of Ontario as they share an overview of their farm, their strategies and processes to reduce tillage on their farms, […]