Customer Retention and Relationship Management During a Pandemic

After 10 months of COVID, there have been changes in the ways that people shop, the products that they buy, and where they are putting their attention – much of this through online channels. That said, people are hungry for authentic experiences and relationships, and they are told to support local, and to eat healthy. […]

Holistic Management: An Overview

This session will provide an introduction to the key principles and practices of Holistic Management and how they can help practitioners achieve a triple bottom line on their farms and in their lives.  It will draw on the McQuail’s 25 years of experience using Holistic Management on their farm and with their family.  Holistic Management […]

Distribution that Fits: Finding the Best Distribution Model for Your Farm

Collaborative distribution offers many advantages, compared to taking on distribution and marketing all by yourself. But there is no blueprint solution that works for everyone everywhere… different situations command different strategies and collaboration models.  Join for a discussion on what collaborative distribution model is right for your farm, in your regional context, to lessen your […]

Successful Seedling Sales

Growing seedlings for sale to customers requires different plans and considerations compared to growing for a market garden.  Join Sophie from Trout Lily Organic Plant Nursery and Hanna from Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. to learn how they have planned and executed successful seedling production for dedicated sales to the public.