Member Recognition Ceremony- Nominate a Peer!

For this year’s Member Recognition Ceremony (happening on Thursday, December 1 at the Banquet Dinner) we’re looking to the membership to nominate EFAO members who they feel should be recognized in some way, any way.  Drawing inspiration from Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe’s Arthur Awards, we are looking to EFAO members to help design the awards and recognition handed out at this ceremony.  Are there people in your life who have offered help, inspiration, friendship, or education who you think should be thanked or acknowledged?  We want to hear about them!

23854299283_3eb6497b8c_oThe award can be for anything: a good deed, a helping hand, inspiration from afar.  It’s up to you to nominate the person and come up with the award title.  Maybe you’re nominating someone for the Best-tasting potluck dish at a Kitchen Table Meeting or Most Likely to Help Fix Your Irrigation System.  Perhaps you had a great experience with a mentor
farmer and would like to acknowledge someone who is the Most Enthusiastic About Giving Tractor-purchasing Advice.  Let your imagination and inspiration run.  Look around you and think of the incredible people who have played a role in your farming life this year and how we can acknowledge their contributions.

The awards can be funny or serious, sentimental or light-hearted.  They can be anonymously recognized or you can attach your name to the message.  We just want to hear your stories about other members and how they should be recognized this year.  Let’s recognize the people and the deeds that are not often acknowledged, and in doing so, celebrate the incredible ecological agricultural community we have growing in Ontario!

You can submit your nominations to by November 11th, 2016.  The Member Recognition Committee will review nominations and be in touch with you by November 18th to let you know if your nomination has been selected.