What platform will the conference use?

The conference will be hosted through Zoom.  If it’s your first time attending a Zoom event, you can find lots of helpful resources on the Zoom website here. It is a good idea to download Zoom and be sure you meet the technical requirements to access sessions in advance of the conference.


How do participants access online sessions?

Links will be sent to registered participants before the start of the conference and again immediately before that day of the conference (night before or first thing in the morning.)


What if I have trouble accessing a session?

You can be in touch with the EFAO team at conference@efao.ca or 519.822.8606 and we will do our best to help you access the session.  You can also visit the Zoom support site, where this is a lot of helpful troubleshooting information.


What is the structure of each conference day?

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, there will be five sessions each day.  The five sessions will begin at 9:00AM, 11:00AM, 1:30PM, 3:30PM, and 7:30PM respectively and run for approximately 90 minutes.

Thursday December 3 is formatted differently, allowing time and space for participatory workshops, community meetings, and the Virtual Trade Show.


Are sessions recorded to watch later?

Yes, all conference sessions will be recorded and shared with participants at the end of each conference day.  Community meetings, Trade Show visit times and the conference social will not be recorded.


Do I have to use video or microphone to participate or ask questions?

There are a few options to ask questions during sessions.  You will have the option to ask through your own camera and microphone or you can submit questions through the chat (using their name) or through the Q&A function (can be done anonymously.)  There will be a reminder of all of this information at the start of each session.


My internet connection is sometimes unstable or unreliable – what are my options for participating with a poor connection?

You might find that watching recorded sessions after might be more reliable.  There will also always be an option to phone in to listen to live sessions.

Please visit the Zoom support site (here) for more in-depth information about system and connection requirements.