Multi Shelter Solutions

Multi Shelter Solutions manufactures plastic and tarp covered structures, for all of your growing, housing and storage needs. Structures range from 10’ to 36’ wide by any length and can be mounted on a variety of bases or direct anchored. They take pride in partnering with their customers to figure out their structure challenges. They don’t sell you a structure, they help you buy one! 

Find Owner and President Norm Eygenraam in the virtual Trade Show where he will share a short presentation on considerations to get the best value out of season extension practices and structures. This will be followed by lots of time for questions. With 47 years of experience with greenhouse shelter operations and construction, Norm will provide helpful guidance which will ensure you find the solutions that will be the most useful for your application. The first slot will be at a beginner-level and the second will be more advanced.

Contact: Norm Eygenraam

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